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All For Jesus was founded in 2018 by Jordan and Kelsey Morris. Prior to All For Jesus being birthed, Jordan had traveled and ministered in the United Kingdom and the United States for over 8 years under different ministries. During this time, he saw several hundreds saved, many miracles take place and lives eternally changed by Jesus.

At the beginning of 2018, the Lord began to speak to Jordan about launching out under his own ministry and running with the vision that he had been given. During a dream one night, the Lord told him specifically what it would be called, All For Jesus.

In 2010, Jordan had a powerful encounter with God where he was given a mandate for his life. The Lord told him to believe for one billion souls to be saved.  All For Jesus wholeheartedly pursues and believes in this mandate from the Lord, that one billion souls shall be saved!

Today, All For Jesus travels throughout the United States and to the nations of the world, boldly declaring the gospel of Christ. Hundreds of thousands of decisions have been made to follow Jesus Christ with signs and wonders following the preaching of the Word. We believe that now is the time to see the nations bow to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, to see the sick healed, demons cast out, the dead raised and see lives encounter Jesus authentically. Through our Gospel Campaigns throughout the earth, we are seeing these things take place for the glory of God!

In addition to ministering the Gospel from a pulpit, All For Jesus ministers the Gospel by means of humanitarian work. During our first Gospel Campaign in 2019, we felt from the Lord that it was on His heart to hold a Children's Day where we played games with the kids, provided clothing, worshiped with them and most importantly, we preached the beautiful Gospel. Over 400 precious children showed up on that dusty field that day and we realized this was something that was dear to the Lord's heart. 


In 2022, we officially launched Hands of Jesus. We have partnered with many schools in Kenya to provide educational scholarships and two meals a day for hundreds of children who are orphaned or come from extreme poverty. Our goal is to help as many children as we can wherever we go. If we are holding a Gospel Campaign, we will also be holding a Children's Crusade where already, tens of thousands of children have attended. Not only do we provide a meal for them, but we also provide many school scholarships, worship Jesus with the kids and share just how deeply He loves them by preaching the Gospel. We believe this is the picture of the full Gospel, in both word and action. This is only the beginning of Hands of Jesus as we have many dreams to expand this work and truly obey all of Jesus' commands to preach the Gospel and love people.

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