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Jordan Morris was raised in a Christian home by parents that modeled the values of Christ to him from his earliest memory. Jordan gave his life to Jesus Christ at the age of seven and was filled with the Holy Spirit when he was ten years old.

As a young boy, Jordan would have frequent dreams of preaching in huge fields and stadiums full of people. Even at that young age, he knew there was a call on his life to preach the gospel, however, Jordan struggled with speaking to people and would often stutter when talking. This caused a fear in him that he would never be able to fulfill God’s purpose for his life.  At the age of eleven, Jordan had his first opportunity to preach; as he stood to declare the gospel of Christ, he realized that his stutter was gone and it never occurred again.

Through his teen years, Jordan began to wander from what he knew to be right and began living a double life as he entertained the things of the world. At seventeen, he began to travel around the United Kingdom as opportunities for preaching opened up to him and the Lord drew Jordan back unto Himself; he decided from that moment on, that he would zealously pursue the One he preached about. The meetings were marked by hundreds of people giving their hearts to Jesus, notable miracles took place and lives were changed forever by the power of God.

This continued for six years until the Lord relocated Jordan to America to marry his beautiful wife, Kelsey. They married in November 2016 and began to serve under Together In The Harvest Ministries. As Jordan served under the ministry, he continued to see hundreds of souls saved and many notable miracles as he traveled and preached alongside his wife.

At the beginning of 2018, the Lord began to speak to Jordan about transitioning from where he was currently serving. After seeking the Lord about this next step, Jordan and Kelsey launched All For Jesus in May 2018. Since that day, All For Jesus has seen hundreds of thousands of decisions to follow Jesus.

Jordan and Kelsey reside today in Austin, Texas. Their hearts burn to see Jesus loved and glorified, to see one billion souls bow their knee to Jesus as mandated by the Lord, and to see individual lives authentically encounter the wonderful person of Jesus.

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